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The most important task in the adolescence is to learn how to be your same one and to create your own identity. During the years of the puberty and the adolescence, you will have to learn how to assume decisions own, new commitments and, in definitive, to win experience and, with her, more independence (adolescente)

loss of the hair. This frequently happens as a result of the chemotherapy or of the radiotherapy directed to the head. In most of the cases the hair grows after having finished the treatment again. (alopecia)

it is a vehicle dedicated to the transport of sick people or heridas,1 toward, from or among treatment places. The term ambulance in general is used to designate a vehicle used to provide cares doctors to patients that are far from a hospital or to transport the patient to a medical center where you can follow its evolution closely and to practice him/her a bigger number of tests doctors. (ambulancia)

Anemia: first floor levels of red globules. (anemia)

Soap that an agent anti-microbial associate contains.(jabon anti-microbiano)

term that comes from the Greek athere, 'pap', and oma, 'tumor', and it designates to the deposit of lipids (fatty) that takes place in the internal layer of the arteries whose more immediate consequence is the obstruction of the flow of the blood.(ateroma)

Arterial hypertension:
The hypertension produces an increase of the figures of the tension, the tension or arterial pressure is the force that exercises the blood on the walls of the sanguine glasses. To measure this value, it is appealed to two figures, the highest value is the systolic pressure or maxim (he/she takes place when the heart muscle contracts and it expels the blood of the ventricles toward the sanguine glasses); the smallest value is the pressure diastólica (he/she takes place when the muscle of the heart relaxes himself and he/she enters blood again to the heart) (hypertension arterial)

it is each one of the glasses that you/they take the blood from the heart to the other parts of the body (arteria)


a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_c5EQ1rtwmkA/Sk60OJ86YVI/AAAAAAAAAFc/S9ak497174o/s1600-h/vendaje.gif">
A bandage is a cloth tape that is used to wrap a part of the body, they are applied with the following purposes: To limit the mobility, to Give heat, to Fix a dressing, to Conserve rods in position, to Provide support, to Apply pressure in order to control a hemorrhage, to promote the absorption of regular liquids, or to avoid their loss. (vendaje)

Bathroom in Bed:
it is a technique of Infirmary (science or art of taking care), quite simple, that is carried out in hospitals and centers geriatrics when practicing the total toilet to a person that for their state of health, he cannot abandon the bed. (Baño en cama)

apron, apron or overcoat is a piece of wide and long clothes that is good in a laboratory to be protected of any damage that you/they can make the chemical substances to the clothes or people. The regulation of the laboratory says that it should be used obligatorily (in half superior level) for not suffering biological agents' damages and materials that are potentially dangerous for the human beings, animals or plants (bata)

a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_c5EQ1rtwmkA/Sk61JipKUBI/AAAAAAAAAF0/ueKjjDziZW8/s1600-h/hueso.jpg">
Special type of conjunctive fabric that is rigid and it behaves of support of the soft fabrics of the organism. It constitutes the main component of almost all the skeletal structures of the mature vertebrates that protect the vital organs, allow the locomotion and they play a vital part in the homeostasis (balance) of the calcium in the organism.There are a cortical form and another trabecular, calls respectively as compact and spongy bone (hueso)

Busy bed:
as their name it indicates it, it is that in that the patient is put to bed. It is important to change gently and speed the put to bed patient being. (cama ocupada)


it should cover the hair completely so that they don't fall hair hanks, hooks, bras or particles of dandruff or powder in the sterile field. They are disposable (gorra)

Chart for fractures:
The chart for fractures (chart for the bed) is a support that it is placed under the mattress to give him/her bigger rigidity. It is usually wooden or wood and canvas and they are built to be adjusted to the standard beds of hospital. (tabla de fracturas)

Chest (angor pectoris) angina,
Thoracic pain of heart origin that is defined like a pain sensation, suffocates or oppression under the breastbone that can extend from the chest toward the left shoulder, to both arms, neck and abdomen. The chest angina is a symptom caused by the insufficient contribution of blood (isquemia) to the miocardio (heart muscle). This deficit has transitory character and, in many cases, he/she is due to the estenosis (narrowing) or obstruction of the coronary arteries. He/she is due to an imbalance between the necessities of oxygen of the miocardio and the sanguine contribution of oxygen. If the isquemia is lingering, besides the angina a miocardio heart attack can be unchained, with the rising death (necrosis) of the heart fabric for oxygen lack. The chest angina is, together with the miocardio heart attack, one of the manifestations of the ischemic cardiopatía (illness of the heart provoked by an insufficient contribution of oxygen to the heart muscle (angina de pecho)

Parameter that indicates the balance among the produced heat and the one eliminated by the organism in a certain moment. (temperature corporal)

she is defined as an it rubs brief and energetic of all the surfaces of the hands with an anti-microbial solution, followed by mouthwash to the jet of water. It looks for to remove the dirt, the organic material and to diminish the concentration of the transitory flora, acquired by recent contact with patient or fómites. (lavado clinico)

Closed bed: it is made when the patient is given of high. (cama cerrada)

Determination of the nature of an illness. The diagnosis should combine a clinical (personal and family antecedents, and current illness) appropriate history, a physical complete exam and complementary explorations (diagnostico)

Diagnostic male nurse:
Clinical trial on the answer of an individual, family or community in front of vital processes / real problems of health or potentials. The diagnostic proportional male nurses a base for the selection of the interventions nurses dedicated to achieve the objectives that the nurse is responsible (diagnostico enfermero)

In pharmacology he understands each other for dose it is the content of active principle of a medication, expressed in quantity by taking unit, for unit of volume or of weight, in function of the presentation that will be administered once and for all (dosis)


it is a situation outside of control that shows up for the impact of a disaster. Any event able to affect the daily operation of a community, being able to generate victims or material damages, affecting the social and economic structure of the involved community and that it can be assisted efficiently with the resources characteristic of the organisms of primary attention or of emergencies of the town. (emergencia)


Sustained elevation of the corporal temperature. The corporal normal temperature is of 37 °C. This figure varies in function from where the mensuration (the rectal one is almost a higher grade that the buccal one), the hour of the day (the lowest values are reached in mid afternoon by the morning and the highest), the person's (the women usually have figures something higher) sex is made and of the physical (during the exercise the temperature is increased) activity. The fever is a pathological state due to an alteration of the mechanism regulator of the temperature. The typical symptoms of the feverish state include taquicardia, taquipnea (I increase of the breathing frequency) and migraine. The fever also originates, for sudoración, a great loss of water of the organism, being able to cause a dehydration. The loss of water and of appetite and the destruction of corporal proteins, it causes loss of weight. The dehydration explains the added symptoms of cutaneous dryness, dry mouth and constipation. (fiebre)

he calls himself fabric to materials constituted by an organized group of cells, same or of some few types, differentiated in a certain, orderly way regularly, with a physiologic coordinated behavior and an embryonic common origin. He/she calls himself histology to the study of these organic fabrics. (tejido)

Number of contractions per minute.( frecuencia)


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Gastric drainage: The technique of gastric drainage consists on the introduction of a probe (naso or orogástrica) until the stomach to extract the gastric content (drenaje gastrico)

Handrails: The handrails of the bed peden to prevent the patient to rotate and fall. They are required in blind, unconscious patients' beds, sedados or with muscular inability or convulse. (barandilla)

The heart is an organ mutual hole whose function is of pumping the blood through the sanguine glasses of the organism. It is located in the previous mediastino where is surrounded by a membrane thick fibrous called pericardium. This wrapped up one laxly for the sack pericárdico that is a serous sack of double wall that contains to the heart (Corazon)

the World Organization of the Health, the health is defined as the state of physical, mental and social complete well-being, and not only the absence of affections or illnesses.1 can also be defined as the level of functional or metabolic effectiveness of an organism as much to level micro (cellular) as in the macro (social), an investigator added to the definition of OMS: "and in harmony with the environment", enlarging this way the concept. (salud)

Process for which an organism maintains the constant necessary internal conditions for the life. So that an organism can survive it should be, partly, independent of its mean; this independence is provided by the homeostasis (homeostasis)

it is a place where it is taken care of the sick persons, to provide the diagnosis and treatment that you/they need. Different types of hospitals exist, according to the type of pathologies that you/they assist: general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, geriatrics, maternal-infantile, etc (hospital)

It is the retirement of a hospitalized patient of the services of internment of the hospital; an expenditure always implies the conclusion of the period of hospitalization and the unemployment of a hospital bed, either for high or death. (egreso hospitalario)


I clean personal:
To maintain the patient of clean and very orderly Alzheimer could be difficult for the caretaker. A depressed person can lose the desire to take a bath, while others can be grieved when undressing or to be frightened when listening to run the water or due to the mirrors(aseo personal)

Not an unanimous definition exists on the concept and meaning of the illness, given its characteristic polisemia and the multidimensional context that it embraces; stiller, becoming historical it has outlined different conceptions on this topic. It is impossible to give an unique definition without falling in partialities, reason why, it becomes also necessary contextualizar the concept of health. (enfermedad)

It squirts:
it consists of a piston inserted in a tube that has a small opening in one of their ends. The syringes are used to introduce small quantities of gases or liquids in inaccessible areas. (inyectadora)

it is the clinical term for the colonization of an organism guest for external species. In the clinical use of the term infection, the organism settler is harmful for the normal operation and the guest's survival, for what is qualified to the microorganism like patógeno. (infección)

In general, is about the attendance and another individual's cares. In a more specific way, the infirmary refers to the sick person's cares and the work related with the prevention and the public health. This embraces the functions and the duties in general in charge of those who have received formation and preparation in the art and science of the infirmary, in the help to the doctors, dentists and other sanitary professionals. In most of the countries it is considered the infirmary like profession qualified for the one that is necessary a previous formation program to the academic recognition. (enfermería)

it is the part tubular vísceral of the alimentary canal that extends from the stomach until the anus. Being located in the abdominal cavity. In mammals and in human it is divided in two segments that are: Small intestine, Large intestine (intestino)

a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_c5EQ1rtwmkA/Sk7GSpJvX1I/AAAAAAAAAJU/mD5_p0tasb4/s1600-h/isquemia.jpg">
Pathological state of deficit of sanguine contribution to an organ or fabric. Most of the viscera present multiple irrigation and colateral circulation, for that that if an artery is obstructed the other ones they maintain the irrigation for colateral branches. In the organs of terminal (brain, heart, kidney) circulation they don't exist colateral neither anastomosis, their irrigation depends on a trunk that ramifies in way arboriforme; when an artery the irrigated territory is obstructed it suffers isquemia.(isquemia)

It vaccinates:
it is a preparation of antigens that once inside the organism it provokes an attack answer, denominated antibody. This answer generates immunologic memory taking place, in most of the cases, permanent immunity in front of the illness. The first discovered vaccine was the one used to combat the pock for Edward Jenner in 1796. (vacuna)


The kidneys are organs excretores of the vertebrates with bean form or bean. In the man each kidney has, approximately, the size of its fist closed In the human beings, the kidneys are located in the later part of the abdomen. There are two, one to each side of the spine. The right kidney rests exactly under the liver and the left one under the diaphragm and adjacent to the spleen. (riñon)

Laundry technique:
The nurse / or he/she will wash his hands correctly, to retire rings and bracelets that can damage the patient and he/she will put on some disposable gloves.) It will proceed to retire the bed clothes, leaving the patient covered with the superior sheet or a towel, not alone with the purpose of giving him/her heat but also of preserving their intimacy. We will have caution of the monitors, cables, as well as of not wetting the dressings that he/she can have the patient. (tecnica de lavado)

from the point of view of the biology that is that most used one, he/she makes allusion to that that distinguishes to the Kingdom animal, vegetable, mushrooms and protistas (according to authors, also the viruses) of the rest of manifestations of the nature. It implies the capacities to be born, to grow, to reproduce and to die (vida)

it is an organ or viscera of the human body and, at the same time, the most voluminous gland in the anatomy and one of the most important as for the metabolic activity of the organism. It carries out unique and vital functions as the synthesis of plasmatic proteins, function desintoxicante, warehouse of vitamins, glucógeno, etc. Also, it is the responsible one of eliminating of the blood the substances that can be noxious for the organism, transforming them in other innocuas (higado)

The lungs are located inside the thoracic box, protected by the ribs and to both sides of the heart. They are hollow and they are covered for a double membrane called lubricated (serous) pleura. They are separate the one of the other one for the mediastino. (pulmon)


It is used to Prevent the transmission of infectious microorganisms that you/they spread through the air and whose entrance door or exit can be the respiratory system. To establish an isolation barrier among the patient and the person that he assists him. (mascarilla)

Marco of Balkan:
It is a wooden mark or metal that he/she extends to all the long of the bed supported in both ends by a post. It can notice a trapeze to the mark, up of the patient's head, to help him to that gets up alone in the bed. Frequently, the mark is good to fix the pulleys and weights of the traction team that it is used in patient with fractures of the inferior members, in particular the femur. (marco de Balkan)

There are many types of mattresses for therapeutic ends and of comfort. Those of use to regulate in hospitals is hard and frequently they are recovered with a plasticized material. Those of rubber (hulespuma) foam are used. He/she molds a little to their body. The advantage of making less pressure in the salient ones bony. It is frequently used for the prevention of you ulcerate for decubitus (colchon)

Chemical product that is used in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of illnesses. The pharmacology is the science that studies the preparation, properties, action, distribution and elimination of the fármacos in the human body.(medicamento)

it is the science dedicated to the study of the life, the health, the illnesses and the human being's death, and it implies the art of exercising such a technical knowledge for the maintenance and recovery of the health, applying it to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the illnesses. Together with the infirmary and the pharmacy, among other disciplines, the medicine is part of the body of the sciences of the health. (medicina)

Mental health:
The mental health is a concept that refers to the individual's emotional and psychological well-being, it defines mental health as: "state of the emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual can use his capacities cognitivas and emotional, to work in society, and to solve the ordinary demands of the daily life." (salud mental)

Pain of the head, The migraine is an intense and recurrent migraine, sometimes accompanied by beats or pulsations intracraneales, nauseas, fotofobia and/or alterations of the vision. It is produced by vascular alterations of the veins pericraneales. (cefalea),

It is a soft glove that quilts the patient's hand, they can also be made using pads of dressings, gauze bandages and adhesive cloth. They are suitable for sick confused or semiconscious that can throw of their dressings, probes or tubes. (mitones)

He refers to the deaths or deaths taken place in a population in general or for a certain cause. (mortalidad)

it is a contractile organ that is part of the human body and of other animals. It is conformed by muscular fabric. The muscles are related with the skeleton or they form part of the structure of diverse organs and apparatuses. (musculo)


they are a type of cells of the nervous system whose main characteristic is the excitabilidad of its plasmatic membrane; they are specialized in the reception of stimuli and conduction of the nervous (in form of action potential) impulse among them or with other cellular types, I eat the muscular fibers of the badge motorboat for example. Highly differentiated, most of the neurons are not divided once reached their maturity; nevertheless, a minority yes him ago (neurona)

It rules, disposition, specification or requirement that he/she settles down for the development of products, processes or services, which is emitted by a competent entity. (normal)

The nutrition is a science that he/she studies the relationship among the diet, the states of the health and the illness. The nutriólogos is the professionals of health that specialize in this field. They are also the highly trained only professionals of health able to provide advice and dietary sure interventions (nutrición)


Corporal condition characterized by the storage of an excessive quantity of fat in the fatty fabric under the skin and inside certain organs like the muscle. All the mammals store fat: under normal conditions this constitutes 25% of the corporal weight in women, and 15% in the males.(obesidad)

(Of the fr. bistouri).
m. Med. I orchestrate in form of small knife, of fixed leaf in a metallic mango that is good to make incisions in soft fabrics. ~ electric. m. Electrode, blunt or finished in tip, connected to a generator of high frequency, with which court, clotting and hemostasia are obtained. (bisturi)

Open bed:
it is the one that has been assigned to a patient, it can get ready for a new sick person or anyone that not this put to bed. (cama abierta)

Sensitive and emotional unpleasant experience associated with a real lesion or potential of a fabric. (dolor)

Patient. (Of the lat. pat.ens, - entis, part. act. of pati, to suffer, to suffer). adj. That has patience. 2. Fil. It is said of the fellow that receives or he/she suffers the agent's action. Person that receives the action of the verb. Person that suffers physical and corporally, and especially who is low medical care. Person that is or it will be recognized medically. (paciente)

Person (patient):
she is an individual that needs help to recover their health, independence or a calm death, the body and the soul they are inseparable. It contemplates to the patient and the family like an unit.( persona o paciente)

Expansion and contraction of the artery perceived by the fingers that he/she feels an artery located on a resistant plan (bony prominence)The contraction of the left ventricle takes the blood to the aorta that expands. (pulso)


Recovery bed:
It is used immediately for sick after the surgery. Their purpose is to have a clean area in which a patient moves with easiness. It is also important that they can be changed the savannas easily, bothering it the less possible thing. (cama de recuperacion)

Pulse power station is to regulate and rhythmic, small Variations in the regularity are normal, If there is not equality of space of time among pulsations we speak of ARRHYTHMIA. It can be to regulate or irregular. (ritmo)


(Of the lat. signum). m. I object, phenomenon or material action that, by nature or convention, represents or it substitutes another. (signo)

they should be comfortable and to offer support; tennis shoes are not allowed, sandals neither you bounce, because they are not safe and it is difficult to clean them. (zapatos)

it is the most external organ in the human body, with the quetiene particularity the capacity to be renewed to itself. It acts as defensive barrier that us aísla and at the same time it relates us with the external mean (piel)

They can be used to fix dressings, to make pressure, to support an area of the body and to provide comfort. They are made of strong, durable cotton (fajas)

she is defined as an it rubs brief of all the surfaces of the hands with soap, followed by mouthwash to the jet of water. Their objective is to remove the dirt,(lavado social)

also well-known as fonendoscopio, it is an acoustic apparatus used in medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary science and infirmary for the auscultation or to hear the internal sounds of the human body or animal. It is generally used in the auscultation of the heart noises or the breathing noises, although it is sometimes used also for objetivar intestinal noises or blows by anomalous sanguine flows in arteries and veins. (estetoscopio)

Suppository: it is a pharmaceutical form that is introduced by the rectum, in solid consistency and conical way and rounded in an end. He has a longitude of 3-4 cm and a weight from among 1-3 g. Each unit includes one or active several principles, incorporated in an exicipient that should not be irritating, which should have a point of inferior coalition for 37ºC (supositorio)

she is defined as an it rubs energetic of all the surfaces of the hands until the elbows with an antimicrobial solution, followed by mouthwash to the jet of water. It looks for to eliminate, the transitory flora and to diminish the concentration of bacterias of the flora resident. (lavado quirurgico)

They are the subjective reference that gives the sick person about the own perception of the manifestations of the illness that he/she suffers. The symptoms are the sick person's declaration on what happens (see you anamnesis) him/her. The symptoms, for their subjective character, are very variable elements, sometimes not very reliable and not very good; many times, their interpretation can be difficult. Even this way, its value in the diagnostic process is certain. (sintomas)

Heart quick rhythm. The heart contracts every minute between 60 and 100 times under normal conditions. This frequency increases in a healthy individual with the exercise, the emotions or the estrés. This increase is also related with some illnesses, as symptom of the tetanus or accompanying to the fever. The heart frequency is controlled through the nervous nice systems and parasimpático (sees you nervous vegetative System; Brain). In the cases mentioned before, the heart normal frequency rises due to a variation in the stimuli coming from the nice systems and parasimpático (divisions of the nervous vegetative system; they work for the corporal functions that conscious low control are not). (taquicardia)

The arteriosclerosis
(it means hardening literally) is an illness that is characterized by the engrosamiento of the walls of the arteries and the loss of elasticity; it can be of several types. The aterosclerosis is mainly an arteriosclerosis form in which takes place a proliferation of muscular flat cells and an accumulation of lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol, in the walls of the arteries. The triglycerides, the cholesterol and the accumulated cells originate a lesion that he/she receives the ateroma name or badge aterosclerótica. They are not known the causes that begin it, totally but they are directly related with it, the hypertension, smoking and the diabetes.(arteroesclerosis)

the sick person's bed:
The sick person's comfort depends on the state of its bed, in particular if it spends in her lingering periods. He needs a clean, neat bed and without wrinkles. The beds are made in the morning, after taking a bath to the sick person. The dirty savannas are changed and they are ventilated and they fix again. (cama de enfermo)

it is an instrument of mensuration of temperature. From their invention it has evolved a lot, mainly since you began to manufacture the electronic digital thermometers (termometro)

Thermometer of mercury:
it is a tube of sealed glass that it contains a liquid, generally mercury whose volume changes with the temperature in an uniform way. This change of volume is visualized in a graduate scale that in general is given in grades celsius. The thermometer of mercury was invented for Fahrenheit in the year 1714 (termometro de mercurio)

a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_c5EQ1rtwmkA/Sk6terHsYgI/AAAAAAAAAEU/3ceX5YPZyR0/s1600-h/trombosis.jpg">
Blockade of a sanguine glass or a heart cavity for a trombo or clot. The trombo is formed starting from the fibrina and other elements of the blood denominated platelets that are deposited in the internal surface of the glass. The trombo can be formed in an artery affected by arteriosclerosis or in a vein when the person remains immobilized during a lot of time. When the thrombosis takes place in a coronary artery, what is denominated coronary thrombosis, can produce a miocardio heart attack or a chest angina. The thrombosis you can prevent with fármacos that inhibit the aggregation plaquetaria, as the aspirin; fármacos that inhibit the clotting, as the heparina and enzymes that dissolve clots, as the uroquinasa and the estreptoquinasa. When a trombo comes off of its origin and it circulates for the blood it is denominated embolismo. (trombosis)

It consists on all those environmental, human, physical, chemical options, among other that contribute to the patient's cure, of their process, or to the attenuation of their symptoms (palliative treatment) to improve their quality of life as much as possible achieving their incorporation to the society. (tratamiento)

To inject.
(Formed on the part. pas. lat. iniectus, of inic.re). tr. To introduce to pressure a gas, a liquid, or a flowing mass, inside a body or of a cavity. 2. To introduce in the body, by means of a needle together to a syringe, a liquid or a breakup of a medication. (inyectar)

To take to somebody or something of a place to another. (transladar)

To vomit.
To hurtle violently for the mouth that contained in the stomach. 2. Said of a thing: To hurtle of yes violently something that has inside. (vomitar)


it is as all lesion of the produced skin when the soft fabric is Compressed between two plans, one the own patient's bony prominences and other, an external surface. They affect to 9% of the patients entered in a hospital and 23% of those entered in institutions geriátricas .(ulcera por presión)


it is a sanguine glass that leads the blood from the capillary ones to the heart and it takes, generally, dioxide of carbon and wastes of the organisms, although there are veins that take oxygenated blood. (vena)

Vests of security:
it is a nightwear without sleeves with long ties crossed in front and behind that they can notice to both sides of the bed. The knots make sure to the mark, outside of the patient's reach. Both devices allow the sick person to move with relative freedom in the bed, but they prevent him to climb for the handrails and possibly fall to the floor. (chaleco de seguridad)

You sound out vesicales: The probes vesicales are sanitary products of a single use, and instruments with tube form and of composition, caliber, longitude and variable consistency. They are introduced through the urethra, until the urinary bladder, to evacuate the urine contained in their interior or to instill liquid through the same one, with ends diagnoses or therapeutic. (sonda vesical)

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